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Mindfulness is the key to any personal, sustainable success.

Dolores has found the practice of Mindfulness very helpful and beneficial in finding more inner peace. We live in a very chaotic, distracting world, and finding a practice that can bring order and understanding to what can be anything but understandable, helps keep things in a more manageable perspective.


It makes sense to engage wholeheartedly and on a regular basis in something that seems so much like nothing.

Mindfulness as a practice provides endless opportunities to cultivate greater intimacy with your own mind and to tap into and develop your deep interior resources for learning, growing, healing, and potentially for transforming your understanding of who you are and how you might live more wisely and with greater well-being, meaning, and happiness in this world.

No two moments are the same. No two breaths are the same.


This is an opportunity to be engaged in an ongoing adventure of inquiry and discovery about the nature of your mind and heart and how you might live with greater presence, openheartedness and authenticity.

Cultivating an intimacy with your own life as it's unfolding  . . .  as if it really mattered  . . .  and it does. More than you know.

Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a sustained and particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. It is one of the many forms of meditation, if you think of meditation as any way in which we engage in (1) systematically regulating our attention and energy; (2) thereby influencing and possibly transforming the quality of our experience; (3) in the service of the realizing the full range of our humanity and of; (4) our relationships to others and the world.

"The soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is silencing the mind."

-  Carolyn Myss

. . .  much ado about what might seem like almost nothing that turns out to be just about everything  . . .

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